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FreeDriveC Crack [Mac/Win]

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If you've just finished installing Windows or you're just trying to save some space on your hard drive(s), getting the job done isn't that easy without knowing your way around Windows or third-party cleaning apps. FreeDriveC, as the name suggests, is an app designed to do just that: help you free up your disk.
A small app with a very clean and friendly user interface
FreeDriveC is available as a very small package and doesn't require any other software in order to be installed, therefore you just have to download the archive, extract it and you're good to go. You can now start the application and its main window will displayed.
Designed with simplicity in mind, the program will only rely on its main window to provide access to its entire functionality, so there's no need to look for a system tray icon or any options (not that they would be necessary).
From the main window you can open a variety of tools. Some of them are highlighted – offering a few useful details – while the others can be accessed from the buttons at the bottom of the interface. There you'll also notice the status bar, which displays your operating system and the amount of free space on the drive where it's installed.
Access native utilities without all the hassle of searching for them through Windows
When opening these tools, you'll realize that, basically, FreeDriveC only acts as a launcher for various native tools – already included in Windows that is. In other words, the disk clean-up module, for example, doesn't provide a different, third-party alternative for cleaning your drive, it will just open the utilities included in Windows that (hopefully) can help with this task.
Similarly, the Disk Optimizer button will not offer a new drive defragmenter, nor will the Uninstaller button open a program created by the developer to help you remove software from your computer. All the buttons open Windows utilities already available – if you know where to find them.
A useful tool only for those looking for an easier way to launch Windows utilities
Therefore, FreeDriveC only acts as a launcher for native Windows, for those who are not familiar with third-party applications and don't know or want to install them on their workstations. If you're one of those people, the app provides a friendly user interface that will clearly help you access the operating system's tools a lot faster. On the other hand, if you're looking for alternatives outside Windows, this app will not help you in any way.


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FreeDriveC Crack + Activation Code With Keygen X64 [Latest 2022]

FreeDriveC Download With Full Crack is a very friendly application for the Windows platform that lets you clean up space on your hard drive. It has a main window, from which the user can access the functions of the program. Many options are available, like the ability to remove unnecessary files, and even delete files from external USB drives, giving a clear view of the user’s computer.Swarmy alien style

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FreeDriveC Crack + License Code & Keygen Download [2022]

* Scans your hard drive for unused and junk files.
* Finds hidden files and folders that might be taking up space.
* Finds and deletes temporary files that are created from Windows or computer programs you use.
* Shrinks unused disk partitions
* Finds and deletes duplicate and orphaned files.
* Finds and deletes files that are no longer in use on your computer.
* Finds and deletes unused startup programs and unnecessary services.
* Scans your computer for unused/unnecessary files and registry entries.
* Finds and deletes unused applications and software files.
* Finds and deletes old restore point(s).


* Features
* Usage
* Screenshots


FreeDriveC 2022 Crack is a great and free disk cleaning tool, which allows you to find all your hidden files, junk, unused and non-used files and directories. It uses an auto scan function and scans your entire disk.

It allows you to clean your drive or partitions after deleting programs and your temporary files. It will remove old restore points and easy uninstall files from the registry

It is a great free utility for cleaning up large spaces in your disk / small partitions which otherwise can get cluttered with the deleted unwanted programs and files.

A good feature I like is that it is a clean and friendly user interface. You don’t need to open another program in case of programmatic cleanup. Even this utility has an option of opening the Registry Editor or a different utility of your choice.


– Directory List
– Disk Cleanup
– Uninstall
– Disk Optimize
– Display Disk Free Space


– Scan your entire computer
– Use

A good feature I like is that you can also use this utility as registry cleaner.

– Scans to show you everything about your computer.
– Finds unreadable, invalid, duplicate, orphaned files
– Cleanup your system and only shows you the unused files
– A Free Utility to clear or remove junk files and unwanted programs
– Automatically Finds and deletes duplicate and orphaned files
– Uninstall folders and registry entries
– Uninstall game files
– Uninstall unnecessary program and program files


– Readme.txt made
– Enhanced the Scanning process which takes care of bad sectors etc


FreeDriveC Crack + X64 [2022]

FreeDriveC is a compact, effective tool to clean up and optimize your drive, and even it can be used without problems on any Windows release version.
Its main features:
– Optimizes hard drive freeing up space, disk cleanup utilities, search the hard drive for orphaned documents, make a clean sweep of your browser cache.
– Check for Duplicate Files.
– Manage system restore points.
– Offers registry optimization, uninstall obsolete programs, show details for your computer, provides information about Windows Updates, uninstall unused drivers and more…
– Get a detailed report of all files on the hard disk and a list of all installed programs.
– Free up disk space, optimize hard drive files, split large files, set up a system restore point, purge the browser history.
– Create a custom context menu and perform actions using keyboard shortcuts.
– Supports batch file action.
– Support Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10.
– Support all editions of Windows, including Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10, etc.
– 619KB of files in the archive.
– Compatible with Windows 10 and Windows 8.1 and 8.
– Support various video drivers, including Linux and Mac.
– Compatible with various volume recovery tools.
– Optimize antivirus utilities.
– No need to install third-party application.
– Supports multiple languages.
– Safe and reliable.
– Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10
– 32-bit
– 64-bit
– Compatible with Linux and Mac


About the Maintainer:
I was born in a small village of the southeastern part of Spain, Spain. I have been using computers since the Apple II was a standard model.
I started using Windows XP and have been using it every day from the time it was released.
I have installed Windows 7 and 8. I was using Windows 8 since its release until it was removed from Microsoft Store in February 2016. I have also used Windows 10 since its release and currently use it on my personal computer.
When not working on my computer, I spend time with my wife and two children, and riding my motorcycle. I enjoy playing FIFA 16 using my PlayStation 4

What’s New in the FreeDriveC?

FreeDriveC is designed to be a complete and very easy to use app that can help you free up disk space in your computer, as well as giving you insight about how much disk space you still have left. FreeDriveC’s main window provides quick access to a variety of tools that are already included in Windows, while the status bar highlights the operating system version and the remaining disk space on the drive.
More than just a disk cleaner
FreeDriveC aims to be a complete disk cleaner, as it will scan and detect the space that is occupied by files you don’t want anymore. It won’t only delete files and folders though, it will also clean up special partitions, such as the one used for storing Windows’ temporary files. Finally, the app will clean the disk’s cache.
The FreeDriveC interface is clean and colorful, offering just the right amount of information.
How to use FreeDriveC to free up disk space on your computer?
Step 1. Install the app
When you first start FreeDriveC, it will install all its tools automatically in the root folder where you installed the app. Once this is done, you’ll simply open the app’s main window and you’re ready to work.
Step 2. Delete files and folders
The first button you’ll find in the main window will direct you to the tool that will allow you to select the files you want to delete.
Step 3. Empty the Recycle Bin
The next button, between the aforementioned two buttons, will tell you how much free space there is on the drive. You can also clear the Recycle Bin directly, as well as toggle on or off the «Keep only most recent» button.
Step 4. Optimize disk
The tool that lets you optimize your disk will also automatically clean it and then optimize it. Once it’s done, the status bar will display the amount of free space on the drive again.
Step 5. Uninstall software
The last button on the interface allows you to uninstall programs. Windows will warn you of this in an alert window, but hopefully it won’t be necessary.
FreeDriveC Review
FreeDriveC is designed to be a complete and very easy to use app that can help you free up disk space in your computer, as well as giving you insight about how much disk space you still have left. FreeDriveC’s main window provides quick access to a variety of tools that are already included in Windows, while the status bar highlights the operating system version and

System Requirements:

Mac OS X 10.4.11 or higher
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo 2.0GHz or faster
Memory: 2GB RAM
Graphics: ATI Radeon HD3200 or equivalent (Radeon HD2900 or equivalent recommended)
Hard Drive: 12GB available space
Sound Card: Creative Sound Blaster Live!
Input Devices: Two USB 2.0 ports
Other: DisplayPort output (VGA output not supported)
Cameras: 5MP or higher
Other Requirements:
Compatible video card

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