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I can reproduce it every time and it creates 6 copies of exe and or sql script. But it doesn’t work once the first time that I run it. The problem is that the first time I run it, it works properly and gets all the licenses. But every second or third time it won’t pull any licenses ( it still creates 6 copies of the exe but they don’t run). All my licenses are duplicated except for the xbox live one.
I ran the 3rd xbox live one again then ran it again and it created 6 exes and 3sqls but didn’t detect any licenses. I got kicked out of xbox live but after I login again it detects all the licenses and everything works fine. I usually don’t run it more than 3 times.
I did not delete any registry keys or anything before running it or after that. I deleted the xbox live one because it didn’t detect it on the first run but I also tried rebooting and this didn’t work. I unplugged the xbox live line and it created the xbox live and it was detected on the first run.


I had a similar problem.
I was using the Crack version of Autodata and I’m not sure which one you’re using.
I have the version that comes with Summer’s End (Windows XP), but in any case if you’re using the Crack version of Autodata you will need to double-click on the database file before selecting ALL the Licenses to load all of them at once.






Código de decodificación


poblarray = MJPEGRaw.decode(packed_data[10:22]).tobytes()

El método decode() no soporta el tipo ‘zlib’ (es un container para compresion)
poblarray = poblarray[18:18 + len(data) : len(data)].decode(data)

Esto convierte el contenido en bytes (Cadena de bytes), con tal de que esa cadena de bytes esté dentro del tamaño del array (en tu caso el array era de 22 posiciones). Lo único que tienes que hacer ahora es convertir esta cadena de bytes a las diferentes cadenas, ya que desde python 2.7 la lista de strings fue cambiada por la lista de bytes y así, puedes convertir de esta manera:
convertir = bytes(poblarray)

byte_final = convertir[18:18 + len(data) : len(data)].decode(data)

Si de todas maneras quieres usar el tipo zlib, entonces tienes que usar la opción ‘zlib’ de la función decode() (ver método de decode en la documentación de la librería base64):
poblarray = MJPEGRaw.decode(packed_data[10:22], ‘zlib’)

Así, usando un generador de cadenas para convertir de bytes a cadenas, y luego convertir la cadena a bytes usando un método que es específico para eso:
import codecs
import os
import io

convertir = codecs.getdecoder(‘zlib’)(poblarray)
byte_final = convertir.decode(data)


Si deseas decodificar un mjpeg con la librería MJPEGRaw usa estos dos métodos:




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